Take a 3D Tour of the Redondo Beach Waterfront Proposal

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CenterCal Properties unveiled 3D model of the Redondo Beach waterfront redevelopment. The developer undoubtedly is hoping the 3D model will help build public support for the massive overhaul of the harbor area.

16-by-7-foot exact replica of the 36-acre project, down to the palm trees — with individual palm fronds laser-printed and stacked on top of each other. The project is 1/16th — every inch represents 16 feet. Typically, projects are a little larger, with every inch representing eight feet. While the model lives in the CenterCal offices in El Segundo for now, people can visit as long as they call for an appointment.

The development includes a 20-foot-wide boardwalk, parks, a 120-room boutique hotel facing the pier and an upscale movie theater overlooking Seaside Lagoon, which would be opened to the ocean and transformed into a shallow beach. A pedestrian drawbridge would connect the pier to a harbor-side public market.

There is also a virtual tour of its $300 million project vision. The nearly 12-minute-long video features sweeping views of the 35-acre site from Seaside Lagoon to the Redondo Beach pier, historical photos, movie-like renderings, and interviews with familiar waterfront faces, including Tony’s on the Pier co-owner Tony Trutanich Jr., Captain Kidd’s Fish Market owner Chris Bredesen, Kincaid’s General Manager Reggie Thomas, King Harbor Boating Foundation Chairman Julie Coll and others.