Manhattan Beach Tree & Hill Section

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Manhattan Beach Tree & Hill Section

Tree Section

  • Predominantly single family homes.
  • Newer homes in the 3,200-3,700sf range
  • Original homes in the 1,200-1,800sf range

Lot Size:

  • Most lots are 40’ wide, and the length varies: 108’, 112’, 116’, 120’, 126’ and 135’

Height Limit:

  • 26’, two stories, possible basement

Information about specific streets:

  • 18th & 19th Streets offer some larger lots, closer to town.
  • 17th Street is a Cul-de-sac that dead ends into American Martyrs
  • Fisher has good views.
  • Center Place has income property.
  • 36th St., 35th St., and the north side of 33rd St., are 135 deep lots with alleys.
  • American Martyrs is often the most expensive area in the tree section.
  • Between Pacific and Poinsettia and 17th and 18th Streets are the biggest lots in the tree section.

Hill Section

  • Predominantly single family homes
  • Lot sizes in the 5,000-7,500sf range
  • Newer homes in the 4,000sf range
  • Height limit of 26’
  • West side offers views provides ocean views
  • East side offers views of the city.
  • The Hill Section offers the most expensive properties, off The Strand.

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