Is Your Home Faucet Better Than Bottled Water?

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Tap or bottled, that is the question. We’re not quite sure when the negative stigma surrounding tap water first started, but we’re here to try and dispel it. Did you know that roughly 246.4 bottles of water were consumed, per American, last year alone? We support making the healthy choice of choosing water over other artificial thirst quenchers but when you’re at home the water from your sink just might be a better option than what’s in the plastic bottle. Bottled water is less regulated than tap and up to 40% of bottled water in the US and Canada is actually filtered municipal tap water. So join the revolution and switch to tap. We now know that tap is just as healthy, if not more, than bottled water. What we also know is that bottled water is not always healthy for the environment. Plastic takes years to decompose and only further burdens our already inundated landfills. Recycling water bottles is crucial, but it is still creating unnecessary waste given the fact that you can just as easily use that glass in your cabinet instead of that disposable container. There is also a really cool product out right now called Boxed Water is Better. Instead of using plastic, they chose to use a box which 76% of which is derived from trees, which makes for an easier recycling process. And while they are in the business shipping water out to millions around the world the company also states, “…we really care about the world’s water supply. 10% of our profit is donated to world water relief foundations.” Now that’s a great cause and incentive to make the switch away from using plastic!