Husbands Get Ready For Spring Cleaning

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Husbands, that day is coming. A sunny Saturday morning and your wife will turn to you and say, “I think we need to do some spring cleaning today.” Home improvement stores depict spring as a joyous occasion, the truth is no one truly enjoys the annual spring cleaning of your home. And most of the time, husbands aren’t prepared for this undertaking either. Well, it’s about time you got prepared. Here’s our list of things husbands will need: 1. A Full Tank of Gas – So you’re ready for wherever your spring cleaning travels may take you. On any given Saturday you might be asked to make 14 runs to your local hardware store for supplies, tools, and things that you did not even know existed. 2. A Shop Vac – If you already have one, you know how useful it is. If you don’t, you desperately need one. Why? Because it can suck up anything. Leaves, dirt, small rodents, you name it and a good shop vac will take care of it. 3. An Entertainment App – Pop in some earbuds and you’ll soon find that the hours spent sweating in the garage are passing sooner than you expected. A subscription to Spotify or the MLB At Bat app or so you’ll have a new form of entertainment to keep you occupied while you labor away at home. 4. OpenTable App – What on earth does this have to do with spring cleaning? Let’s say you get the dreaded statement that today is the day for a full on cleaning of the house. You can simply say, “Oh really? I was going to surprise you and take you to dinner tonight.” You’ve just set an end time for your spring cleaning schedule. Get the OpenTable app on your smartphone so you can secretly make those reservations whenever you get the chance 5. Better Hearing – No app or tool can help with this, but when spring cleaning arrives at your home you better have your ears cleaned out. You will be told 25 different things you need to do in the span of about 45 seconds. If you forget one of those things, you’re going to be in trouble. Good luck this spring gentlemen.