How to Sell Your Home in One Day

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If you’re thinking about selling your home, there are two things that you probably want: to sell it for a high price, and to sell your house fast with as little hassle as possible. The market is currently trending in favor of the seller side of the real estate transaction, which means this is doable, if follow some wise advise. First, Use a Realtor. Even in a sellers market, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll sell your house fast without a realtor. Besides the knowledge and skill that comes from with years of experience, a real estate professional has the administrative support to handle everything from calls scheduling showings to fax machines that receive the offers. A realtor will help you sell your house as quickly as possible. Second, Be Emotionally Ready. Perhaps the largest roadblock to selling a house quickly is that you aren’t emotionally ready to sell, and so you don’t take the steps you need to get your house ready to market. Only once you are ready to let go of your home will you be able to get in the best place for a quick sale. If you aren’t ready, you won’t take your realtor’s advice about getting rid of mementos because you’ll be personally offended. Or you won’t fix things because you’ll think that the buyers will be OK with the damage — just as you lived with it all these years. Third, Stage and Declutter. The No. 1 way to sell your house quickly is to have it show like a model home. Preparing you home to hit the market takes a lot of work, in fact it should take at least the equivalent of a 40 hour work week. Pack up clutter, move furniture to the garage, post on Craigslist  and give things to charity. Friends and family should not recognize the listing photos of your house because it looks so different from all of the staging and decluttering. Fourth, Use The Realtor’s Listing Price. This piece of advice is going to be controversial — but I believe that you should list your home at the listing price your realtor recommends. Ideally, you’ll have interviewed several realtors and have chosen the one that you feel is the best experienced in your market. If that’s the case, choose a list price in the range they suggest based on market research.