Do You Need A Real Estate Agent

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There was a time when the only source of real estate property listings information was a local real estate agent. There where big books distributed to all the local real estate brokers, listing all the local homes for sale. Today, with the advent of the internet, things have changed and all that closely guarded information is now very public. Because you know about all the homes for sale, will you be able to ensure a successful real estate transaction on your own? Let me submit that the odds are against you for several key reasons.

First, market knowledge. Real estate professionals earn a living today not from property information as much as for market knowledge. Expert agents are highly knowledgeable about the industry. You get the help you understand the information that you’re getting.

Second, accurate pricing. An knowledgable agent brings extensive experience in the current market pricing and value analysis. Whether you’re buying or selling your home, having an agent help you understand the current market conditions is vital.

Third, streamline the transaction. Real estate professionals coordinate and manage a very complex transaction. Writing and offer, negotiating the purchase agreement, managing escrow to a successful completion, requires an enormous amount of paperwork.

Today’s real estate agent brings more to the table more than just good listings.