Changing Lives With Giveback Homes

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I am very proud to be a part of Giveback Homes. Giveback Homes is dedicated to creating a sustainable relationship between real estate professionals and communities in need throughout the world. My ongoing commitment to giving back to the local South Bay community has sparked a desire to further my reach. With this organization I will now be able to broaden the scope of giving and help families in other countries. Our goal is to create social change through the act of buying or selling a home. I am seeking to have a positive impact on the world and the industry I know best: Real Estate. My partnership with Giveback Homes allows me to utilize a percentage of commissions to build safe homes for families in need. These contributions go directly to the field. This positive change for those in need takes place when buying or selling a home with me. The safety and security of a sanitary living space is the foundation for a productive and healthy life. For many families around the world, such a home is only a dream. Their reality is a structure made of scrap lumber, rusted metals and tarps. They are vulnerable to weather, illness and without doors or locks they are unable to keep their family safe from intruders. Our building partners identify communities in need, not just individual families. In living close to one another, it allows the families to share resources, organize schools and churches. Once a family has a safe, new home, it becomes a place of pride for them: a place where they can host family, friends, neighbors and truly lead a healthier life. Learn more and how you can giveback, Click Here