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Redondo Beach Unified Ready For Cuts

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Redondo Beach parents and teachers got a surprise in their inbox last week after Superintendent Steven Keller sent out an email outlining the district’s budgetary predicament and underlining the relationship and finite future of forty temporary teachers in the district. Forty temporary positions including temporary teaching positions and any position that has a specific start and end date may not be renewed for the following school year. Those contracts, when initially signed, clearly stated a start and end date. All of the positions will be open for re-application or potentially eliminated. Keller stressed that there will be no formal lay-off notifications presented to the Board of Education on March 15, and that the school district’s budget is tight and that district and employees must plan for a worst-case budget in the upcoming year. Read the full story at the Easy Reader: Click Here

New Shade Hotel In Redondo Beach

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Crews will begin demolishing the old Red Onion building on Harbor Drive on Sept. 1 to make way for the much anticipated new, eco-friendly Shade Hotel. The Shade Hotel is part of the $25 million first phase of renovations to the Redondo Beach waterfront. The three-story Shade Hotel will cover 36,000 square feet, feature at least one restaurant and hold 45 guest rooms, according to plans submitted. The $20 million project is expected to be completed in mid-2014.Michael Zislis, the developer behind the project, said he wants the hotel to achieve a LEED Platinum certification—the most stringent of all environmentally friendly certifications. As part of the process to attain the certification, he plans to use timber salvaged from the Red Onion building’s demolition to construct bed frames and other furniture, as well as remove the hotel from the state’s electrical grid by installing solar panels. Click Here

Redondo Fire Fighters Need your Help

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Redondo Beach Fire Station #1 needs your help, they need your vote to win a national competition to remodel there facilities. These firefighters give their whole heart to the job. They respond to over 5,000 calls per year and have saved countless lives. It has been difficult lately because our city is suffering from the economic downturn like everyone else. For the last three years, in lieu of laying off firefighters and city employees, they have all taken a 6% pay cut to save their fellow employees’ jobs. The station was built in the early 1950s and was designed to last for 40 years. Now that we are in our 60th year, the wear and tear is starting to show.  They made an awsome video, to support their cause, check it out below. The competition is sponsored by IKEA, go the website,  you can vote once per day, vote now: Click Here


Flash Mob at South Bay Galleria Goes Viral

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Nothing says “Christmas” like infiltrating a public space to sing in a choir while people 1) look confused 2) look with pure wonderment 3) laugh and record what’s happening on their cell phone. Journey of Faith from Manhattan Beach performed a Christmas “Flash Mob” at the South Bay Galleria in Redondo Beach on December 18, much to the delight of local shoppers. Missed this one over the holidays but I really encourage you to check it out, it has recieved over two million views. Thanks to all who participated.


Tall Ship Docks in King Harbor

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Lady Washington will visit Redondo Beach for the first time since 1994. The 112-foot wooden vessel is scheduled to arrive Thursday, November 23 at the Redondo Beach Marina. On November 26 and 27, Lady Washington will take guests on a family-oriented Adventure Sail cruises, which feature hands-on activities, such as helping the crew raise a sail and taking the tiller of a real tall ship

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