Benefits of a Greener Home

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Once upon a time, living green meant doing with less and sacrificing on creature comforts. Technology has changed all that and provided the opportunity to reset consumers expectations. Today sustainability is not about sacrifice , but an improved quality of life. Green homes are more comfortable and healthier, and the trend is no short term fad. Green homes are expected to grow to over 30 percent of the market by 2016. Buyers today are looking beyond, location, floor plan and price point, now they are considering sustainability. Younger buyers have been raised on the principles of reduce, reuse and recycle. Active older adults come from a different perspective having been paying rising utility bills for years, and are ready for more efficient solutions. Homes now consume typically twice as much energy and water as homeowners actually utilize. Over a 30 year mortgage they waste more than $70,000 in utilities. Green improvements change the economics, they can make a home safer, more comfortable and healthier. Sustainable homes incorporate a range of systems, tactics and practices. The can use reclaimed building materials, water conserving measures, sustainable landscaping, smart home technology like multi-zone HVAC to lessen the environmental impact. Simple tips for homeowners include: 1) Log on to a free online tool that shows how to  make greener choices. 2) Schedule a home energy audit. 3) Check home insulation and ensure windows and doors are properly sealed. 4) Replace old appliances and furnaces 5) Swap out incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs.